IMAR-LA Series

Low-profile multi-position ring Illumination
LED Colors
White, Blue, Red
Cooling system
Natural air cooling
Input Voltage
N/A (DC12V), HV (DC24V)

Thin and lightweight multi-position ring illumination

This multi-position ring illumination has optical characteristics similar to those of low-angle lighting, and is ideal for illumination from a short distance, such as from right beside or from a low angle.

Sizes are φ80 mm, φ100 mm, φ140 mm, φ170 mm, and φ210 mm in outer diameter

White, red, and blue light-emitting colors are available.








Thinner, lighter multi-angle illumination

IMAR-LA series has a thin housing with a height of 12 mm, less than half that of the conventional IMAR-D series and other products.

The weight of the IMAR-LA100 is also lighter at 100g, less than half the 220g of the similarly sized IMAR-110D.







Optical characteristics closer to low angle illumination

The IMAR-LA series has optical characteristics slightly closer to low angle illumination and can illuminate the center area more brightly than low angle illumination or horizontally opposed illumination.







Diffused light reduces LED reflection and accentuates unevenness