Breath Inspiration and Creativity into Automated Optical Inspection.

The development of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is world-leading, but the declining birth rate and the current situation of various industries actively robbing workers have put great pressure on manufacturing factories. Many customers recognize that high automation is a trend and an inevitable path.

The development of today’s society is becoming more and more diversified. In terms of career choice, working in the electronics industry is no longer the first choice of many modern young people. The supply of science and engineering talents is declining year by year, which makes customers who want to quickly improve the degree of automation have doubts about it.

As an agent of optical components, we have continuously absorbed the latest and most cutting-edge new technologies from advanced countries such as the United States and Japan for many years.

We bring these latest automation technologies to the customers of manufacturing industry in Taiwan and Asia. In recent years, we have also carried out secondary development of various products we represent to provide customers with highly integrated optical module (sub-system) equipment. Customers can import them into their machines faster, more efficiently, make the functions of industrial applications more complete, surely enhance the competitiveness of the market.

We provide the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years on automation issues in various types of manufacturing industries to our customers.

We always care about the standpoint and point of view of our customers, and work with them to find out the best solution for detection automation.

In addition to the sales service of optical components, we also work with suppliers to plan the most suitable customized solutions for customers, including automatic transportation, mechanism design, software integration, optical design, after-sales service, etc. , one-stop service, greatly saving the engineering manpower and time of customers, and creating the highest value for them.


Bring inspiration and creativity to “automated inspection”.


We provide more valuable, innovative, and specific and feasible solutions In each detection application.


Sincerity, trust and passion, are the core of Opticks Technology. Grow together with customers and suppliers to create a truly win-win partnership.


As a legal agent of many international major manufacturers, our persistence in professionalism and service quality has enabled us to accumulate good reputation over the years and become the most reassuring cooperative manufacturer for customers.

Steven Lin

We believe in the strong will of the "Miracle Pine Tree", we will meet challenges and walk out our own path.

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