Opticks Technology x Sixsence will showcase the new “Wafer Imaging Scanner& Inspection System”
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Opticks Technology has shown great interest in various precision optical instruments, including Linescan multispectral flash modules, open flash modules, Areascan high-speed flash modules, high-speed time-sharing synchronous imaging line scan detection systems, high-speed CIS line scan cameras and other precision measuring instruments, etc.
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In this exhibition full of innovation and advanced technology, new products, new technologies and new applications to be released from the past year to the future will be displayed.
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National Science Council [Intelligent Manufacturing Combined with AI Technology Application Development] Industry-University Alliance 2023/7/25 (Two) Product Sharing and Technology Exchange Meeting
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The 2019 Asian Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Series Exhibition ended with great success, allowing the industry to deeply understand the characteristics of Opticks Technology.
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The “Industrial AI Forum” hosted by the Taiwan Artificial Intelligence School and co-organized by the Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing System Research Center (AIMS) brought together leaders from all walks of life to put forward practical, in-depth, feasible practices (actions) and empirical studies (Empirical studies) on AI in the manufacturing industry ).
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