1.2 million lx Brimax line light
500,000Lux (WD=50mm)
Available module length
LED Colors
White, Blue, Red
Cooling system
Natural air cooling
Input Voltage
DC24, per 100mm aprrox 10W
LED Control
Manual/Ethernet, 1,000 step
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Achieves astonishing brightness

The industry’s highest class light intensity with natural air-cooling.

Two types are available: a high-brightness type (IDBC-LSR series) boasting 1.2 million lx and a highly uniform type (IDBC-LSR-S series: 900,000 lx) that diffuses light widely.

Both the high luminance type and the high uniformity type can be selected with a condenser lens (-IL specification) to further increase the light intensity.

・High luminance type: IDBC-LSR-IL series ⇒1.6 million lx (WD=50mm)

・High uniformity type: IDBC-LSR-S-IL series ⇒ 1.2 million lx (WD50mm)

Note: The illuminance values shown are for reference only and do not guarantee the product.

Sizes are available in 100mm increments up to 1,500mm for the high luminance type/high uniformity type.

The lineup includes sizes up to 1,000 mm in 100 mm increments for both the high luminance type and the high uniformity type with the condenser lens installed.







Two types of luminescence types available


Due to the characteristics of the element/lens, uneven luminance may occur in the high-luminance type when imaging at short distances, but the high uniformity type can suppress uneven luminance by diffusing the light widely.






Illuminance characteristics(reference values)


More than 1.5 times brighter than the conventional IDBB-LSRC series in white.

The concentrator type provides 1.2 to 1.3 times the brightness for each color.






Irradiation image






Variation characteristics by dimming(reference values)







Abundant size variations








Easy installation according to the operating environment

Compatible with dedicated slide nut and M5 hexagonal nut, making it easy to install in accordance with the operating environment.













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