1.8 million lx natural air-cooled Line Light
300,000Lux (WD=50mm)
Available module length
100mm x n, Longest 2,000mm
LED Colors
White, Blue
Cooling system
Natural air cooling
Input Voltage
DC24, per 100mm aprrox 9.5W
LED Control
Manual/Ethernet, 1,000 step

Best in class in the natural air-cooling industry

1.8 million lx with natural air cooling.※WD=50mm

Individual control is possible for every 100 mm from a PC by using the corresponding controller application.

A lineup of luminescent sizes up to 1000 mm at 100 mm intervals.








Uniform illumination possible with individual dimming






Industry’s highest class 1.8 million lx with natural air cooling!






Newly designed and more compact

Redesigned and downsized by 3mm in the lighting height direction and 10mm in the lighting length direction!





Easy to Change Diffusers

In the IDBC-LSRH/IDBC-LSRH-S series, the transparent plate/diffuser can be installed/changed later.
Diffusers with different transmittance rates (90%/80%/60%) can be changed.