Opticks Technology LineScan Improve AOI production capacity


The 2019 Asian Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Series Exhibition ended with great success, allowing the industry to deeply understand the characteristics of Opticks Technology. Steven Lin, general manager of Taiwan Aoten, pointed out that in the era of highly competitive industrialization of Industry 4.0, traditional machine vision is no longer sufficient to cope with the diversity and rapid changes in the industry. To help customers achieve the goal of “smart manufacturing”, only the Only visual inspection manufacturers with “high speed”, “high precision”, “artificial intelligence” and “rapid development” capabilities will win in the future.





How can we be in an invincible position with rapid response in such diverse industries? Using years of experience in machine vision, Taiwan Autoten helps customers quickly integrate hardware such as ROBOT, PLC, I/O, Linescan/Areascan cameras, etc. through the flexible and expandable graphical interface software TechView, and then adds Deep Learning software, According to the needs of various production lines, various visual solutions with “brain + eyes + hands” have been developed, which can be used for real-time monitoring, detection of production line process operation status and product quality control, providing the best solution for factory transformation .

In addition, Taiwan Aoten has Know How to help customers upgrade their testing equipment. The LineScan high-speed strobe system exhibited at the automation exhibition can reduce the total cost of optical testing systems for customers; It can obtain multiple inspection results at one time, improve the output capacity of automatic optical inspection (AOI), and minimize the space occupied by the inspection machine. It can also be used with Real-Time FPGA pre-processing to completely improve the image processing performance, becoming the most advanced on the market today. Competitive AOI inspection solutions.





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