BGA In-Line 2D+3D Inspection solution


A system designed specifically for BGA integrated 3D camera and self-developed software.

①3D Camera ②Software ③BGA Inspection System




BGA Inspection

We develope an online real-time system for 3D & 2D inspection.

Customers can also recheck 3D & 2D detail information of each BGA ball offline including 3D model.




①Easily integrated into machine with handler or conveyor.

②High speed with high accuracy:106mm/sec, Zheight resolution 0.55um.

③2D &3D inspection simutaneously.

3D Line Scan Camera 3DPIXA dual 5µm HR




Optical resolution (µm/pixel) 5

Field of view (mm) 35

Number of pixel 7000

Height resolution (µm)* 0.55

Height range (mm)** 0.5

Free working distance (mm) 77.9

Maximum speed (mm/s) 106

Line frequency (kHz) 21.2





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