CAD Series

Depends on spec
Available module length
LED Colors
White, Blue, Red, Green, Infrared
Cooling system
Natural air cooling
Input Voltage
Depends on spec
LED Control
Manual/Ethernet, 1,000 step

Feature of product:

• Available in eight different sizes ranging from 18 x 25mm to 150x 150mm.
• Newly designed light source structure to improve image clarity, Daifuku improves general external coaxial light
source to resolution imagery.
• Built-in high light transmittance multi-layer bag film to protect the lens, to ensure that the beam splitter can be used for a long time
Free from dust and fingerprints
• There will be no reflective spots in the image, which is most suitable for the detection of high reflectivity samples.
• A variety of light source colors are available to match various cameras and sample characteristics to achieve
to the best lighting effect.
• Optional filter thread adapter ring, suitable for CCD lenses of various calibers.



Suitable for use:

•Wafer, TFT glass tombstone, Color Filter alignment mark recognition and barcode automatic interpretation.
• Flaw detection on glass or smooth metal surfaces.
• Criminal fingerprinting.