International AI Technology and AI Smart Industry Practice Forum





The International AI Technology and Practice Forum held a seminar at Taipei University of Technology on 2023-06-16.

The “Industrial AI Forum” hosted by the Taiwan Artificial Intelligence School and co-organized by the Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing System Research Center (AIMS) brought together leaders from all walks of life to put forward practical, in-depth, feasible practices (actions) and empirical studies (Empirical studies) on AI in the manufacturing industry ), the theme of the first wave is “smart manufacturing”, and invites the industry, academia, and innovation circles to join hands, directly cut into the manufacturing site, select several smart manufacturing issues that the industry is particularly concerned about, share practical practices and conduct exchanges and dialogues.



Opticks technology is also one of the suppliers of AI industry applications, and the AI ​​industry chain has a great influence today! As small as the needs of people’s livelihood, as large as the metaverse world.

We belong to the part of Industry 4.0. Today’s Demo shows how we use AI visual inspection, so that customers from many different industries can see us☺️





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