MTF VS. Resolution


Lens resolution test

An example of this selection is as follows:

1.Lens:VS TechnologyVS-TCM2-65CO-This lens has a magnification of 2.0x

2.Camera:Point Grey-GS3-PGE-60S6M-C Mono-Pixel Size 4.5um


From the lens and camera catalog information selected above, we can see that the current resolution we calculated is 2.27um
How to calculate? Camera Pixel Size÷Lens magnification = Resolution





Resolution test film

Line Pairs are divided into areas -2 to 9
Each area has 6 groups of Line pairs, and the number of Line pairs in each group is different.





Actual shooting results




Through the two sets of shooting results with green light and white light, it can be clearly distinguished that the “smallest area” (highest resolution) is the 6th line pair in the seventh area, and the black and white of the line pair can be clearly distinguished.
From the resolution test film table, it can be seen that each line of the 6th group of lines in Area 7 has 228 Line Pairs.

The resolution is calculated as follows:
1mm÷228 Line Pairs÷2 (black & white)=0.000219mm=2.19um

Based on the above experimental results, the matching optical resolution of 2.2um and the lens resolution of 2.27um can be obtained, and the two are consistent.
In addition, it can be found that the results of green light shooting are clearer than those of white light. White light contains multiple wavelengths. Each wavelength has different absorption and reflection characteristics, which will reduce the sharpness of the image.
Compared with a single wavelength of green light, a sharper image effect can be obtained.





Resolution test plate (Calibration Plate) product customization service

We can customize image correction films of different sizes to meet the needs of different applications.

Material: Film/Glass glass
Coating: positive/negative effect + white background, silver background…etc. to choose from.

Film film accuracy – 1mm can reach up to 100 Line Pairs, and the resolution can reach 5um.
Glass precision – 1mm can reach up to 500 Line Pairs, and the resolution can reach 1um.

If you have any need for test film production, please contact us to produce it for you.






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