Line scanning platform (suitable for large size products)



Maximum size of the object to be tested: 700mm(W)*1000mm(L)
Effective scanning stroke: 850mm
Maximum speed of platform: 600mm/second
Number of cameras that can be arranged side by side: 2
Lighting method: coaxial, unilateral light, backlight
Camera tilt angle: up to 70° (from vertical direction)
Optical ruler accuracy: 0.01um
Suitable product types: PCB, various film products, solar panel modules, steel plates…
*There is also a tension fixture supported by soft material, which can simulate the actual product condition under tension.
Suitable applications: LineScan camera scanning, AreaScan camera high-speed flying photography
Services: paid sample testing & optical design (including camera & light source angle, mechanism fixation/fine-tuning, Encoder/Trigger matching…)



Machine appearance








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