Air flotation de-vibration experimental platform



Maximum size of object to be tested: 240mm(W)* 450mm(L)
Effective scanning stroke: 250mm x 800mm
Platform maximum speed: 500mm/sec
Illumination methods: coaxial, unilateral/bilateral light, fiber optic ring light at various angles, DIC differential interference, etc.
Highest resolution: Linescan 3.5um/20x=0.175um/px; Areascan 2.5um/20x=0.125um/px
Suitable product types: Wafer, COG, PSS, Laser Diode, Glass, conductive particle detection, Micro LED…etc.
Suitable applications: LineScan camera scanning, AreaScan camera high-speed flying shooting (both can be used with autofocus systems)
Services: paid sample testing & optical design (including customization of autofocus system, customization of fiber optic Light Guide)





Machine appearance














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