LineScan Flashing(Multi-Light High Speed Switching) Solution




Advantages of LineScan Flashing (flash frequency) system:

• Reduce the total cost of optics and greatly improve price competitiveness.
•Quick image acquisition and multiple effects can be achieved at one time, improving AOI output capability.
• Minimizes the optical installation space, can be used in more kinds of applications.
• Support “multiple cameras + multiple light sources” mix and match.
•Support various interfaces of “traditional CameraLink” & “high-speed Coaxpress”.
• It can also be used with the “Real-Time FPGA pre-processing” function (accepted commissioned development) to accelerate the image processing speed





Disadvantages of setting up multiple stations (with different light sources) to obtain various image effects:

•Cameras, lenses, image capture cards, structural adjustments, and even the number of computers will increase the cost of optics.
•The more stations are set up, the longer it will take for the product to go through all the stations, which will easily reduce the output efficiency.
•Optical installation requires a lot of space, so it often occurs that multi-station installation is not allowed due to space constraints.







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