Flashing Strobe, Solution

Flashing control card

Opticks Technology-Flashing control card
  • Supports “multiple cameras + multiple light sources” mix and match.
  • Supports CameraLink, CoaXPss, GigE, HSLink and other interfaces.
  • Supports mono and color cameras, regardless of brand.
  • Reduce total optical costs and significantly improve price competitiveness.
  • The optical installation space is minimized and can be used in a wider variety of applications.
  • “Real-Time FPGA pre-processing” function can speed up image processing.


Flash strobe principle description

For example, using two light sources, an Encoder (same position) camera will take images twice (different light sources each emit light once). By separating the odd-numbered strips (the first light source) and the even-numbered strips (the second light source), you can get images with two effects.







Opticks Technology-LineScan Flashing System

You can use a single row of cameras to get a variety of effects in one shot. We use FPGA to control and synchronize the exposure time of each camera and the On-Off time of the light source to interleave Flashing different light sources, so You can use a single-row camera with multiple sets of light sources to achieve multiple image effects in one scan. After long-term verification, it has been proved that there will be no residual brightness interference between these effects.










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