Half a million lx naturally cooled compact line Illumination
500,000Lux (WD=50mm)
Available module length
LED Colors
White, Blue, Red
Cooling system
Natural air cooling
Input Voltage
DC24, per 100mm aprrox 10W
LED Control
Manual/Ethernet, 1,000 step

Achieves astonishing brightness

Compact line Illumination in size, power consumption, and weight
The lineup includes the following four types
● High intensity type:IDBC-LSRC series
● High intensity condensing type:IDBC-LSRC-IL series
● High uniformity type:IDBC-LSRC-S series
● High uniformity condensing type:IDBC-LSRC-S-IL series
High intensity type is available in two colors, red and white, and high uniformity type is available in three colors, red, white, and blue.
Size variations are lined up as
High intensity type/High uniformity type is available in 100mm increments up to 2,000mm,
High intensity condensing type/High uniformity condensing type is available in 100mm increments up to 1,000mm.







High light intensity and uniformity






More than 1.5 times brighter than conventional products, and the concentrator type enables brighter illumination.


More than 1.5 times brighter than the conventional IDBB-LSRC series in white.

The concentrator type provides 1.2 to 1.3 times the brightness for each color.







Realization of compactness


In response to requests for compactness in manufacturing inspection lines, etc., the size has been compressed to 32 mm in short side width and 40 mm in depth, while maintaining the luminous width (short side) at 18 mm.

The compactness of the short side of the housing and the widening of the light-emitting area enable illumination at an angle closer to the optical axis.

The weight of the light is also reduced, reducing the burden on the light’s support frame and other parts.









Diffuser plate is replaceable


The transparent plate of the IDBC-LSRC-S series can be replaced with a diffusion plate with different transmittance.

Three types of diffuser transmittance are available: 90%/80%/60%.

Installation is easy: simply remove the two bolts from the fixing block, replace the transparent plate in the insertion slot with the diffuser plate, and re-fix it.