Corona II

Tube Light-High Bright
600.000 Lux (WD=10mm)
Available module length
170 mm to 1360 mm in steps of 170 mm
LED colors
White (5500 K or 3500 K); Red (632 nm); Green (520 nm); Blue (452 nm); IR (850 nm or 940 nm)
Operating temperature
0° to +70° C (housing temperature)
Input Voltage
DC24, per 170mm approx 120W
LED Control
RS232, Ethernet

The Corona II tube light module offers the most powerful light source for line scan applications with diffuse lighting conditions, for example, when inspecting metallic objects with highly reflection or glossy surfaces.






  • Now with two power options:
    – Ultra high bright version: up to 1,200,000 lux
    – High bright version: up to 600,00 lux
  • High uniformity light distribution
  • Suitable for specular surfaces
  • Reduces shadows on objects
  • Reduces unwanted reflections
  • Modular concept
  • Compatible with other Corona lighting options
  • Compatible with XLC4 controller
  • Various LED colors
  • Eight lengths up to 1360 mm per single module
  • Camera angles 0°X or 15°X
  • Active fan or water cooling
  • Passive cooling options on request
  • Temperature stabilization
  • High quality LED binning for white
  • Advanced thermal management and temperature control
  • Housing design for easy mounting and integration










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