Corona II

Back lighting and bright field illumination
Up to 280,000cd/㎡ (or 880,000 Lux on top surface)
Available module length
170 mm to 1360 mm in steps of 170 mm
LED colors
White (5500 K or 3500 K); Red (632 nm); Green (520 nm); Blue (452 nm); IR (850 nm or 940 nm); UV (395 nm)
Operating temperature
0° to +70° C (housing temperature)
Input Voltage
DC24, per 170mm approx 120W
LED Control
RS232, Ethernet

With the outstanding luminance and uniformity of theCorona II back light / bright field illumination, high-speed applications without any compromises in image quality are possible.






  • Ultra high bright: 280,000 cd/m2 or 880,000 Lux
  • Compact design
  • Modular concept
  • Compatible with other Corona options
  • Compatible with XLC4 controller
  • Various LED colors
    – Standard: White, red, green, blue
    – IR 850 nm or 940 nm
  • Modular lengths up to 1360 mm per single module
  • Multiple passive cooling options
  • Active fan or water cooling
  • Temperature stabilization
  • High quality LED binning and color matching with other Corona lighting options
  • Advanced thermal management and temperature control
  • Housing design for easy mounting and integration – ITEM5 T-nut system





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