imaWorx Series

imaWorx CXP-12 Quad

PC Bus Interface
PCIe Gen 3 x8
4 x Micro-BNC/HD-BNC
Data Bandwidth
4 x 12.5 Gbit/s
GPIO Interface
8 Inputs, 8Outputs



imaWorx CXP-12 Quad is a PCIe frame grabber that allows a full bandwidth connection of up to four CoaxPress standardized cameras.

The imaWorx CXP-12 Quad focuses on high-speed image acquisition with up to 4 x CoaXPress cameras and enables the ultimate access to demanding machine vision applications with the latest PCIe technology.





Device Features

  • Support of CXP-12 cameras with up to 50 Gbit/s data bandwidth
  • Robust multi-frame grabber and multi-camera support with versatile synchronization options
  • Acquisition and pre-processing of up to 5GB/s camera data
  • DMA7200 transfer technology with up to 7.2 GB/s data bandwidth via PCIe x8 Gen3
  • Easy-to-use pylon or microDisplayX configuration software
  • Extensive support of software adapters for image processing
  • Broad application focus and versatile industrial use
  • Flexible and expandable model series
  • Hot pluggable
  • Power over CoaXPress




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