US-Revolver (Auto/Manual)
  • Optical high-speed autofocus system.
  • A complete solution for microscopy imaging (Infinity-corrected Microscope) corresponding to Area Scan and Line Scan.
  • The hardware controller processes focus signals in real time, providing high reliability and precision.
  • Provides a variety of lighting methods: such as bright field, dark field, DIC, IR and other different options.
  • Optional ring revolver or linear Slider revolver.
  • In addition to the standard focus mode, a new focus mode specially designed for semiconductor wafer & chip scanning is also provided.


System principle





Application area

• Semiconductor wafer, IC packaging inspection – Silicon Wafer, SIC, COG, Laser Diode, Die Sorting…
• Display panel inspection – TFT-LCD, Mini-LED, Micro-LED, OLED…
• High-precision connectors – USB3, LC Fiber…
• Precision glass – Photo Mask, Glass Wafer, Curved Glass…