• Optical high-speed autofocus system.
  • A complete solution for microscopy imaging (Infinity-corrected Microscope) corresponding to Area Scan and Line Scan.
  • The hardware controller processes focus signals in real time, providing high reliability and precision.
  • Provides a variety of lighting methods: such as bright field, dark field, DIC, IR and other different options.
  • Optional ring revolver or linear Slider revolver.
  • In addition to the standard focus mode, a new focus mode specially designed for semiconductor wafer & chip scanning is also provided.


System principle







Application scope

  • It is widely used in post-process testing of related processes of ACF Anisotropic Conductive Film, including:
    ACF for LCD FOG (Film on Glass)
    ACF for LCD FOB (FPC on PCB)
    ACF for LCD COG (Chip on Glass)


  • Utilizing the optical properties of DIC (Differential Interference) and the polarization interference method of light waves, it is used to enhance image contrast and identify subtle changes in surface topography, especially low-contrast or even transparent objects. After the above-mentioned conductive particles are pressed, DIC can be used to present a three-dimensional effect of light and dark on the image, and then the software can be used to determine and calculate the shape, size, number, area, etc. of the particles.​