2023 Automation Taipei Highlights


Automation  Taipei Exhibition was held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall  from August 23rd to 26th.

The organizer pointed out that with the global wave of net-zero emissions and the European and American carbon border adjustment mechanisms, green transformation has become the primary topic for manufacturing companies to enter the international market and for small and medium-sized enterprises to operate sustainably. The Asian Industry 4.0 Exhibition has set the theme of this year’s exhibition as “BE TWIN: Constructing a dual-axis intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, and paired it with more than 100 professional theme forums, seminars and new product sharing activities to continue to promote the digital transformation of the industry and strengthen low-carbon The manufacturing and sustainable energy themed exhibition allows the manufacturing industry to no longer just embrace the net-zero carbon emissions slogan, but to find transformation solutions based on its own needs, moving from digital transformation to dual-axis transformation.


A perfect ending on the 26th. The Taipei International Automation Exhibition has received an enthusiastic response. The exhibition is one of the largest smart automation exhibitions in Taiwan, attracting more than 270,000 people at home and abroad to visit the stage activities of Opticks Technology booth’s new products. Opticks Technology has shown great interest in various precision optical instruments, including Linescan multispectral flash modules, open flash modules, Areascan high-speed flash modules, high-speed time-sharing synchronous imaging line scan detection systems, high-speed CIS line scan cameras and other precision measuring instruments, etc.


This exhibition also provides free Linescan camera testing services, allowing visitors to bring their own samples for testing, so that the exhibits are no longer a one-way display, but can fully interact with visitors.



Taking greening and planting as the theme of this exhibition design.



Areascan high speed flash module



Linescan multi-spectral strobe module


Open flash module



High-speed time-sharing synchronous imaging line scan detection system



High Speed ​​CIS Line Scan Camera



Linescan Camera Free Testing Service


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